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Newer is Not Necessarily Better

Neweris Not Necessarily Better

Catherine McCarty, PhD, ADC

Recently in Business Weekly Apple’s VP of Software Design, Craig Federighi, responded to the critics’ lack of enthusiasm for the latest iPhone with the statement “New is easy, Right is hard.” It is the test of time that Apple relies on as it improves its design.  A new design may look right, may make a public splash but the proof is in “getting it right”.   It is the company or the product that is reviewed and tweaked over time that excels.

In the case of memory care communities-- longevity matters.  It was in the late 90’s that the Alzheimer’s Association wrote guidelines for memory care as memory care design became a research focus.  It was this research that fueled Arden Courts design.  Today’s national and international research continues to validate the Arden Courts’ model and philosophy of care. 

From this longevity comes meaningful testimonial from families who have experienced the model over the course of their loved one’s life.  Proof that Arden Courts is “getting it right”.

New care communities have no customer service ratings.  How could they, there is no longevity to show consistency? 

There is great value in a memory care community whose customer service ratings hit 95% year after year.  Arden Courts has these ratings because longevity continues to prove the product.  Almost a decade of highly satisfied customers trumps untested newness every time. 

When searching for quality dementia care services, ask yourself “Will the shiny new chandelier take care of your loved one’s needs?”  “Is the new technology designed to replace caregivers?”  When you consider care, research confirms the value of a home-like environment.  This translates to familiarity, warmth, and a high percentage of trained staff committed to your loved one’s happiness and care. 

When shopping for memory care . . . remember to look for evidence backing up the choice of design and technology.  Is there good research supporting it?  Look for family testimonials and customer satisfaction.   Walk in your loved one’s shoes.  Where will comfort, routine and trained staff best support his/her daily life?  

Newer is not necessarily better.  Arden Courts has a proven model and philosophy of care that has met the test of time with extraordinary testimonials and customer satisfaction ratings. 

Catherine McCarty has a Masters of Arts in Thanatology from Hood College in Frederick, Maryland. She is a researcher, consultant on dementia care and teaches Sociocultural Aspects of Aging, Psychology of Aging and Gerontology.

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