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Words of Appreciation for Arden Courts of Winter Springs

The purpose of this letter is to share with you my experience with the staff and operation of your Arden Courts of Winter Springs, Florida location. My mother entered your Winter Springs location just over six years ago after spending two years in another Alzheimer/dementia care facility in Ohio. She resided in the Winter Springs Arden Courts facility until her death just under two months ago. During this time, I made it my goal to visit my mother and the staff on a weekly basis and to attend the periodic special events they sponsored.
Throughout my mother’s stay at your Winter Springs location, I was continually impressed with the people, leadership and operation of the facility. The facility was run in a professional manner by a staff that treated all of the residents as family. They were attentive to details, took responsibility for any mistakes and persevered through the constant challenges. Throughout the past six years, I have had the peace of mind that my mother was being taken care of in the best way possible and that she was being treated with dignity and respect. I have often wondered what I would have done without your facility and the tremendous group of people that have provided care for her over the past six years. The care at this facility far exceeded the care that I could have provided in my own home, not to mention the challenges that would have been created for my own family, businesses and charitable efforts. I credit these positive attributes of the culture in the Winter Springs facility to the leadership there.
They are a group of people who care deeply about human life regardless of the residents’ ability to appreciate the care being given to them. They continue to provide the same level of care in spite of the resident being difficult or even hostile. I think it is fair to say that I am a better man for witnessing the selfless care the Winter Springs staff provided to difficult people over the past six years. I was both humbled and inspired by these folks serving in the face of sickness and continual losses, and I sometimes wondered how they could face death so often and yet remain so friendly and cheerful.
I have recommended Arden Courts to countless friends who are dealing with family members with the same issues as my mother had.

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