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What Is Alzheimer's Disease?

It Begins By Stealing Memories.

Alzheimer’s is a fatal brain disease that begins by destroying brain cells where memories are formed. Language, logical thought and the ability to solve problems are affected. Emotion deteriorates followed by control of moods and feelings. Eventually, the oldest memories are lost. Balance and coordination are compromised. In the last stage, Alzheimer’s attacks breathing and the heart. Patients survive an average eight-to-ten years after symptoms begin but can survive for as long as 20 years. As of now, Alzheimer’s disease is incurable, but treatment can slow the worsening of symptoms. 


View our flyer for more information on Alzheimer's disease, risk factors and what to expect as a caregiver.

 If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease learn how an Arden Courts Memory Care Community can help in our case study.

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